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What we do

Plantscape Consultancy

We provide a range of plantscape consultancy services including planning, conceptualizing and executing the interior greenery for your building, offices or homes.

Urban Farming

We promote urban farming as a way of urban living.  With our products, everyone could have easy access to growing crops and vegetables even in their own homes.

Plant Rental & Maintenance Services

We rent all type of plants ranging from tabletop to large standing ones for your workplace, homes and events. Our maintenance services makes it hassle free for you.  Visit for more details

Eco & Plant Products Research

We work with our partners to research and develop eco and plant products which increases cost savings, efficiency and productivity.

Green Wall Scaping

We are customise green walls to suit your environment and even help you achieve the BCA Green Mark.  Our modular units allow for easy maintenance and upkeeping.  Visit for more details

Plantware and Artificial Plants Distribution

We are a importer and exporter of planters, pots and artificial plants.  We have a whole range of sizes, shape and colours to suit your needs.  Visit for more details

Horticulture Research

We do research on indoor plants and flowers to create new species and stronger breeds to survive indoor where there is minimal sunlight.

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